How to Lead Change Using the 4 E’s

The one constant in life is change. Over the years, the rate of change has accelerated partly due to global competition, diversity, and technology. Learn strategies I call the 4 E’s that allow you to lead change more effectively professionally and personally.  

Are You Unhappy in Your Career?

Do you wake up excited about starting your workday? Check out this video where I discuss strategies to implement when you are unhappy in your career. What are your thoughts about this topic? Leave your comments below. I would appreciate you liking and sharing this video with your network.

It’s Launch Day!

I am excited to share my rebranded website with you. My coaching and consulting practice is grounded in supporting organizations, groups, and individual professionals in moving their goals forward no matter what. Take a look at the video to learn what you can expect from me with regard to staying connected and providing insights on topics that